Friday, August 8, 2008

lines and colors

A few weeks or so ago I was doing some searching for information on John Sloan, a modernist painter from Philadelphia.

On the very same day this very cool blog, lines and colors, maintained by Charley Parker, featured a post about John Sloan.

Nearly every day since I have stopped by lines and colors to discover an artist I didn't now about, or something new about an old favorite. For example, I had never heard of Brian Blood, but now I can't get enough of his work and wish I could afford one of his originals--beautiful stuff.

Charley Parker always has something interesting to report on. I appreciate his sensibilities. While I don't always dig every artist he reports on, I do always appreciate his handling, and the very thorough job he does of researching and linking to relevant sites.

Check out lines and colors. You won't be disappointed.