Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Less Fear?

Well, I decided to stay up and finish it.

Still Life Practice 2

I already see the things I don't like. I hate the mouth of the pitcher and I made the reflected light from the handle on the pitcher too bright. However, I have cleaned my brushes and I just feel like going to bed.

I learned a lot in this little piece and feel like I aged a bit. I am feeling a lot better about laying wet oil paint on top of wet oil paint. Funny how that happens when you bother to try it.


P.S. This was the first time I used my new easel. I like it! It's a Jullian French Easel. It takes up too much of a footprint to leave it up where it is, (I'll trip over it if I go to the kitchen in the middle of the night,) but it is definitely use-able in the apartment, and I think I will really enjoy painting outdoors with it!


Okay, it's twenty or so minutes later. I guess I lied. I re-dirtied a brush to fix that reflection and the shape of the handle itself. I still don't like the mouth, but that's it... I'm done with it! (And no, I'm not taking another picture! :P )

Note - No More Student Grade Brushes! What a nightmare. One errant bristle and I had to retouch three different colors. Yeeesh.